January 31, 2020
Anna Neimark opens a solo show, Rude Forms Among Us at the SCI-Arc Gallery in collaboration with the Toulouse Natural History Museum.


November 8, 2018
Andrew Atwood will give a talk about his recently published book, Not Interesting at The Cooper Union in NYC.


October 18, 2018
Neimark and Atwood lecture on "In and Out of Print" at UWM SARUP, 4:00pm.


September 11, 2018
First Office contributes A Small House in Virginia to the 44 Low Resolution Houses exhibition at the Princeton SoA. Curated by Michael Meredith.


September 1, 2018
Not Interesting: On the Limits of Criticism in Architecture by Andrew Atwood is released. Published by AR+D.


August 30, 2018
First Office contributes Duschamp's Shotgun to the Adjacencies exhibition at the Yale SoA. Curated by Nate Hume.


February 27, 2018
Proofs are in for Neimark and Atwood’s latest essay “Bad Rosalind Krauss,” forthcoming in the final issue of PRAXIS, edited by Amanda Reeser Lawrence and Ashley Shafer.


February 26, 2018
Designed by First Office, The Drawing Show opens at the Yale School of Architecture in New Haven, CT; curated by Dora Epstein-Jones, the exhibition was originally installed at 125% its current size at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, CA.


January 22, 2018
The group show Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech, curated by Andrew Holder and K. Michael Hays, opens in the Druker Design Gallery at the GSD; selected First Office models and drawings on display include: NY Dolmen, Ringdale Circle, Shotgun House.


January 16, 2018
The group show Drawings’ Conclusions: The Ends of the Line, curated by Jeffrey Kipnis and produced by Andrew Zago and Laura Bouwman opens at Anyspace, 59 Franklin St, NY; First Office drawings on display: Paranormal Panorama and NY Dolmen Elevations.


January 6, 2018
Neimark presents on “Interior’s Testing Ground” and participates in the final Chicago Architecture Biennial panel discussion of the season with Thomas Kelley, Wonne Ickx, and Lindsay Mican Morgan, moderated by Sarah Hearne, and with an introduction by Todd Palmer at the Chicago Cultural Center.


November 29, 2017
Architect Magazine features First Office in Next Progressives .


October 30, 2017
First Office will give a public talk at Harvard GSD in the Stubbins Room at 12:00pm.


September 2017 - January 2018
First Office exhibits Josephine, Strawberry and Wilson at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago Cultural Center, Garr Hall.


September 4, 2017
Publication of Atwood and Neimark’s essay “Paranormal Panorama,” is out in Lineament: Material, Representation and the Physical Figure in Architectural Production (London: Routledge, 2017), edited by Gail Borden and Michael Meredith.


June 30, 2017
First Office is invited to participate in a group exhibition “Westopia?” curated by parasite 2.0 in Nova Milanese in collaboration with the Bice Bugatti Foundation.


May 20, 2017
First Office develops That Motel Thing app for the group show One Night Stand, curated by Volkan Alkanoglu, Jennifer Bonner & Kyle Miller, and co-founded by William Hu, Ryan Tyler Martinez, & Anthony Morey.

March 25, 2017
Neimark participates in the “Not Too Interesting” panel alongside Stan Allen, Florencia Pita, and Jonah Rowen, moderated by Todd Gannon at the Drawings’ Conclusions symposium, curated by Andrew Zago with Jeffrey Kipnis at SCI-Arc.


March 10-March 25, 2017
Atwood, Neimark, and First Office participate in the Drawings’ Conclusions group exhibition, curated by Jeffrey Kipnis with Andrew Zago at SCI-Arc.


March 9, 2017
Neimark participates on the panel Lab Talk 2|LA Emerging: Six Ways Forward with Laurel Broughton, Ellen Donnelly, Andrew Kovacs, Brendan Shea, and Legg Yeung, moderated by Christopher Hawthorne, at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles at 730pm.


March 6, 2017
First Office selected as a participant in the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial. Opening September 16, 2017.


March 1, 2017
Neimark moderates a discussion on philosophy and architecture between Graham Harman and Slavoj Žižek in Keck Hall at SCI-Arc at 7pm. Doors open to the public at 6pm.


February 3 – April 9, 2017
First Office's City Render is part of CITYLAB, TIMES 10 an exhibition by cityLAB-UCLA at the Architecture and Design Museum of Los Angeles.


January 25, 2017
Neimark and Atwood lecture on "A Postconceptual Position" at OSU's Knowlton School, 5:30pm Gui Auditorium.


January 24-26, 2017
Neimark and Atwood will lead a workshop, "Informal Analysis", at The Ohio State University' Knowlton School.


November 8, 2016
Neimark & Atwood present their Dolmen work and participate in a conversation with Andrew Holder on the topic of the Picturesque at Harvard GSD, in the Frances Loeb Library at Gund Hall starting 630pm, just before the vote count.


October 15, 2016
The Drawing Show opens at the Architecture + Design Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. Exhibition design by First Office.


October 14, 2016
First Office is part of The Kid Gets Out Of The Picture a
t Materials & Applications in Silver Lake, CA. The show is curated by The LADG and includes work by Andrew Kovacs, Laurel Broughton, Hirsuta, The LADG and First Office.


September 8, 2016
Blocks of blabla, featuring 3 models of self storage units in New York City, opens on September 8th as part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale In Residence Exhibition at the National Museum - Architecture in Oslo.


December 15, 2015
First Office is selected Best of 2015 Young Architects by the Architect's Newspaper.


December 2, 2015
First Office is a finalist in the 2016 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program.


May 15, 2015
First Office is a recipient of the Architectural League Prize.


March 27, 2015
A selection of writing and work by Atwood and Neimark has been collected in the publication Nine Essays (Chicago: Treatise Press, 2015), available at the Graham Foundation in Chicago and the SCI-Arc Bookstore in Los Angeles.