Some time in the middle of the summer, 2013, in Los Angeles a photograph was discovered of a home in Lausanne that belonged to the 19th century architect, Viollet-le-Duc, its walls covered in a painted mural of a mountain range. Sent to Vienna, the image brought to mind a photograph of the Polish babysitter, Ewa - a character from Constanze Ruhm and Christine Lang's film Cold Rehearsal - at Mont Tendre. This was a site of a tragic scene, where she had fallen to her death in a crevasse while on a family outing along its glacier. At the MAK Garage Top, a panoramic painting of Mont Tendre renders the exterior walls of a screening room. Paranormal Panorama is a domestic interior built for viewing Cold Rehearsal.


The film deals with the character of the former director/actor Hans (the name a reference to "Jean," as in 'Jean-Luc Godard," for example). Hans, who once used to be a successful, famous director, but is now in his decline, becomes the main figure entangled in a scheme which is orchestrated by a number of dead actresses who plot a story of revenge. Hans slips on a banana peel, falls down a stairway (a prop from a TV show), and finally dies. The film recounts the story of the ordeal he undergoes in the few seconds of his fall and death, which are stretched to ninety minutes of film time. In his death fantasy, he re-encounters the most important women (characters) of his life (actresses, lovers, baby sitters and not least, his mother...) and as well, himself as a child. Finally, he understands that he is dead.

But this was not the end of the story. As winter approached it was decided that the above text needed something else. This additional text could be pretty short, perhaps six sentences total. Something to explain how the screening room was placed in a gallery and how this divided a single room into three rooms and how each room was given a different rendering, as in an inside versus an outside, the mountain render versus the room render. Then it was suggested that the text needed a few more lines about how the white paint was specified from different brands, a kind of White On White translation of rendering into the logic of interior paint and the masking tape as a standard, something specific, something that might require a different kind of text. A text an architect might write.


In collaboration with film directors Constanze Ruhm and Christine Lang.